Bionta Pharma - About PageBionta Pharma continues its endeavor to significantly impact the lives of people by persistently discovering, developing and providing innovative natural medication. This visionary approach has been the driving force behind Bionta Pharma rapid rise to become one of the best organizations and reach out to Satisfied Consumers.

Bionta Pharma was conceived in the year 2010 and with initial operations within the country of its origin (Pakistan) by 2014, the Organization started marketing and distributing its products.

Furthermore, the organization is in a continuous process of consolidating existing products by creating brand extensions, developing novel research based products and exploring new markets. All these factors combined have enabled Bionta Pharma to build its confidence to Consumers as an Organization that is synonymous with trustworthiness, reliability and well being.

Maintaining the pace of business diversification Bionta Pharma is also entering into various fields with inventive “Natural Products”. In addition to existing Nutraceutical formulations and while observing the global trends the organization is diversifying rapidly into the following categories:

  1. Single Ingredient Dietary Supplements
  2. Nutritional Food Category
  3. Vitamins
  4. Dietary Supplements
  5. Powder, Tablets and Syrup forms.

With an aim to establish leadership in health care through nature based products, the organization also commits itself to play an active role in community development. This responsibility is not just limited to the employees of the organization but also takes into consideration customers across the country that uses Bionta Pharma products.

Large customer base makes us market leader in DMOAD by providing remarkable efficacy and customer satisfaction on our continually growing brand Collapep®.

Focus on providing evidence and research based treatment option for PCOS, The first and only scientifically formulated Inositol supplement ROSITOL™. It is originally formulated by Theralogix USA.

Our Vision

To become a renowned organization that innovates and develops Natural Healthcare Solutions which facilitate mankind to live a better and a healthier life.

Our Mission

To market high quality natural products at an affordable price for its customers, while achieving leadership in the Natural Health Care Industry.

Our Values

Our Values define who we are and how we have made it where we stand today. Quality is an integral part of our value proposition. 

Our Values


Quality is an integral part of our value proposition. Therefore, Bionta Pharma products comply with the quality standards. Furthermore, the organization is in a continuous process of making improvements in its products


We are highly committed to meet exceeding needs of our customers. We uphold the commitment to our Core Values and pledge our endeavors for the attainment of our Vision, Mission and Objectives.


We make great endeavors to ensure that our Natural Health Care Solutions are within the reach of maximum number of people living in locations where we operate.


The collaboration and solidarity of our diverse workforce have been one of the key constituents in our epic journey. The organization flourishes through collective acumen and intelligence of its self-motivated and dedicated Team Members belong to diverse cultures and societies.


What drives us is our passion for what we do. Bionta Pharma is expanding its relentless pursuit of its vision and mission.


We believe in respecting our customers, colleagues, associates, other stakeholders and society with the highest degree of dignity, equality and trust.